Our homeland. Our pride and joy

Cori, where history and legend embrace, the birthplace of Saint Thomas. The village lies amid the Lepini Hills, an age-old, fertile and prosperous district. Here, where the splendid remains of distant eras are evident, we produce authentic wines, perfect for pairing with every kind of traditional local and other dishes

Pleasure becomes a new and exclusive choice

The generosity of a place rich in history and tradition gives an elegant wine, with a delicate, unmistakable taste. I Tufi are a selection of San Tommaso PGI wines, ideal traveling companions for an exploration of the pleasures of the table, in which aromas and flavours triumph.

San Tommaso

The story of our brand is one of passionate commitment to the job and a deep bond with the district, home to age-old resources and pleasures of the palate.

Our wines come from the Lepini Hills growing area, cloaked with vineyards and olive groves. We make wines that satisfy the tastes of our consumers and the interest in new products they voice.

San Tommaso guarantees an attentive and meticulous selection, attuned to the values that have always characterized a winery that is now benchmark on the regional wine scene.

different grapes


Pillars of ancient temples still stand in the vineyards and olive groves of old

Your gaze skims expanses of vines and olive trees, taking in the entire Pontine Plain as far as the sea, from Circeo to the gates of Rome. The hues of the stone and vegetation are the setting for the well-defined contours of houses, vibrating with the toil of the lives that have been lived here without interruption for centuries, keeping pace with the land and with history. Enclosed, but not too much; minimal but vibrant; silent but industrious.

This is Cori.